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blazeakechi-deactivated20130403 sent: "You can count on me!" *took the needles carefully and filled the spaces with the respective colors: red and blue, then sew the outline carefully, around 15 minutes later, it's done* "Okay, now for the next part!"

Erika - Well… Now we’ll add some ribbons to cover some little mistakes and after, we finish putting glitter on it. We only need to find the glue and the box of ribbons, but I can’t find them. Did I forget at home? I don’t remember to bring them with me yesterday. Can you help me Blaze? 

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Favorite Cures from:

  • Futari wa (+Max Heart): Cure Black, Cure White and Shiny Luminous
  • Splash Star: Cure Egret
  • Yes! 5 (+GoGo): Milky Rose, Cure Aqua and Cure Lemonade
  • Fresh: Cure Passion, Cure Berry
  • Heartcatch: Cure Marine and Cure Moonlight
  • Suite:
  • Smile: Cure Beauty and Cure Peace
  • Doki Doki: Cure Diamond
  • Single Villain: Desperaia-sama

Villain Team: Labyrinth 

Fairy: Tart, the beautiful fairy

Other Character: Kaoru ( Fresh Precure )

All-time Character: Kurumi Erika

Season: Fresh Precure and Heartcatch Precure

If you don’t have a favorite, or if you haven’t seen a particular season, just say you haven’t. Just answer what you know.

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blazeakechi-deactivated20130403 sent: "Alrighty! Time to work!" *begin sewing using the sewing machine, after 30 minutes, the dress is done and it was perfect* "How's that?"

*Erika picked the dress that Blaze sewed. Some places were wrong or untidy, but could be easily covered with ribbons. Erika looked at him and smile. She was happy that Blaze did without any big problem. She knows that to make a perfect dress depends of practice and even she doesn’t know how to do it*

- That’s the way Blaze-kun. I remember when I started sewing, I was a complete disaster. My mom taught me some tips to sew perfectly and I’ll gladly teach them to you 

*She put the dress on the table beside the basket with different sewing threads. After that, she went to get some needles that were near the sewing machine*

- Well… It’s time to finish this. We will do the outline of the design with black thread. After this, we will fill the spaces with the respective colors: Red and Blue. You need to be careful with the needle, because it can hurt your finger. After sewing, we can paint the threads with the special paint that I bought, to add some details

blazeakechi-deactivated20130403 sent: *grinned wider* "Gladly!"

*Erika, happy for the enthusiasm of her friend, picked a soft kind of white fabric that makes the drawing more clear in the center*

- Blaze, now is your time to show what you know. Can you finish this dress? After making it, we will sew the sun and the moon with sewing thread of different colors. After finishing, I’ll expose it in the store

*Erika put the fabric near the sewing machine. While Blaze is sewing, she is going to prepare everything to make the design of the sun and the moon.*

- Oh! I need a special kind of fabric paint to finish the design. While you sew, I’ll buy it. When I come back, we’ll finish our dress finally. So! LET’S GO TO THE FINAL PART!



omg 6-7 hours before Doki Doki Precure starts >w<

I hope that it’s good -.-


Please Doki Doki… give us good battles :c and story xd